Patio Doors

Why choose Vaillancourt sliding doors?

Superior energy efficiency

Our patio doors exceed construction standards and are among the most airtight, watertight and windproof. Panes are installed in the insulated part of the wall, increasing their resistance to condensation. The triple glass option also offers increased energy performance.

Increased tamper resistance

Numerous safety options ensure high resistance to breaking and entering attempts. You may also add a security bar, a foot lock, a 4-point multi-anchor lock and a key lock that locks your patio door from the outside.

Adaptable & customizable

Our sliding doors offer a great deal of flexibility, depending on the model chosen: sidelights, transom windows, integrated blinds and handle finishes are just a few of the ways you can customize your door to make it exactly the way you want it. Our lifting door option allows you to have a larger door without any weight issues on the mechanisms.

Home renovations that
you can afford

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