Hung Windows

Why we love hung windows

Effortless opening & closing

Forget about the old kinds of hung windows that took all your strength to open! Our model slides like a charm thanks to the constant force balance system and highly resistant pads concealed within the frame.

Pivoting panes for easy cleaning

Traditional hung window models were hard to clean because you could not wash the exterior from inside. Our model is equipped with an integrated and aesthetic tilt latch system making window panes easy to tilt and clean.

Angled sill to drain water

At Vaillancourt, we have designed an angled sill for our hung windows that allows water to drain easily away from your home. Combined with our window panes, mouldings and double or triple glass options, it is a system exclusive to us.

Home improvements that
saves money

Contact Vitraplus and learn how we can help finance your project.


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